dm opens 67th store in Italy: new store in Milan opens 2022

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Feb. 24, 2022. dm, a drugstore chain, founded in Germany in 1973, kicks off 2022 with the opening of its 67th store in Italy, seventh store on Milan, thus boosting its presence in the Lombardy region.

dm drogerie markt is now Europe’s largest retail chain for personal and home care products, operating in 14 countries with more than 3,800 stores, more than 66,000 employees and more than 12 billion euros in sales.

Also present in the new Milan store is dm’s unique offering of beauty and wellness products, with more than 14,000 constantly evolving references, 655 brands, including 27 brands produced in-house, the result of research and innovation with excellent quality at absolutely competitive prices. Customers will find the best-loved brands, including Balea cosmetics, alverde-certified natural cosmetics, dmBio organic food, even for the little ones, and Mivolis supplement lines and medical devices.

The group has always paid attention to environmental sustainability, especially through the continuous research of natural ingredients and more sustainable innovative solutions. It prefers organic and green innovations, the use of recycled raw materials and packaging, and the introduction of products with reduced climate and environmental impact. Not casually, the new dm store opened in Piazzale Loreto, one of the most accessible and strategic locations in Milan that, thanks to a redevelopment project, will be transformed into a green oasis. The store is located at Viale Monza 2, in the commercial part of the new Palazzo di Fuoco.

The 335-square-meter store allows for a shopping experience that puts the person at the center of everything, providing many of the services typical of any store, including person-height shelves and a system to facilitate the hearing impaired.

dm believes in democratic welfare: not for a few, but for all!

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dm drogerie markt, founded in Germany in 1973, is now Europe’s largest retail chain of personal and home care products, present in 13 countries with more than 3,800 stores, more than 66,000 employees and more than 12 billion euros in sales. After entering the Italian market in November 2017, dm‘s ambitious opening plan in Italy continues, with 67 stores in the territory to date.
The brand’s philosophy is to offer a unique combination with a specialized offer for beauty and wellness, with an extremely reduced and competitive price, also thanks to the private brands that are as many as 27 including Balea, Mivolis and alverde. With the Pro Climate line, which has zero climate and environmental impact, the company wins the DNP (German Sustainability Award Design) in December 2021.