“For each customer we develop a tailor made communication”




We know how to do it: starting from the competitors analysis ending with a final report, we create comunication strategies, brand awareness for each of our customer.

We check and supervise all the comunication projects involved in improving the brand visibility, thanks to an everyday dialogue with the Italian press.

Our showroom is constantly updated and it is the place to be for the best stylists, this allows us to place the product or the news on the most important magazines of the sector.




Our digital team works constantly in closed contact with celebrities and influencers and can guarantee Product Placement according to the Brand Awareness.




Through social platforms and web, we create tailor made experiences for each client in order to increase the commercial impact.

Our Team follows all the projects from creativity till production, thanks to a wide range of contacts, realizing the best contents for improving the engagement.




We work on brand positioning through communication strategies, advising, when necessary, bloggers and influencers from all over the world with the aim of increasing the brand visibility according to the preset company goals.

We buy and manage media planning on the most important print and web communication media.




Through our creative Team, we develop top fashion shows, presentations and events.

We take care of all aspects involved in the creation of a tailor made event, so that the brand identity is transformed into something original and creative. Not only the products but also the brand image will last in memory.