Asmana inaugurates the Salinarium

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With the reopening of the Turkish baths, which had been closed at the beginning of the pandemic as mandated by anti-Covid regulations, the more than 12,000 square meters of Asmana Wellness World, Italy’s largest day SPA, are now fully accessible, with the addition of a new feature: the Salinarium.

Greeted by a temperature of 32°C and high humidity (80 percent), customers will have the feeling of finding themselves at the seashore, as when on humid days the salty wind clears the airways.

In the Salinarium you can enjoy Halotherapy, or salt therapy: a treatment practiced naturally on beaches or in salt caves. The salt mist found in the Salinarium is also pleasantly scented for complete aromatherapeutic relax.

The benefits of Halotherapy include benefits for:

  • The respiratory system: saline air has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action of the entire respiratory tract. Ideal for purifying from smog, smoke and pollutants inhaled daily.
  • The skin: salt’s ability to absorb atmospheric moisture brings draining effects, thus relieving fatigue, increasing circulation and strengthening the immune system.
  • The nervous system: salt and its natural ability to balance the body’s positive charge promote a positive, light mental state and restore vitality and energy.

In Asmana, salt is the star of a true wellness journey.

After a purifying session in the Salinarium and accustoming the body to the high humidity, the Salt Path moves to the Purifying Bath, the steam room where the Scrub Ceremony takes place. As steam envelops guests, the scrub with Mediterranean salt and natural essences purifies the skin and eliminates dead cells, restoring elasticity and tone. The recipe for the scrubs, prepared daily exclusively with natural elements by the Masters of Ceremony, varies cyclically in order to meet the specific needs of the skin as the seasons change.

After purifying skin and body, you continue your journey inside the Salt Room, where the walls covered in pink Himalayan salt make it the ideal place to fall asleep wrapped in your bathrobe. This resting phase is essential to recover energy after the session in the steam room.

The journey concludes with the Salt Pool, where the client can let the warm waters lull him or her. The salt dissolved in the water of this Tub allows for a gentle and natural scrub, ideal even for those with very sensitive skin. If combined then with a hydromassage session, the benefits double, thus improving circulation, toning tissues and relaxing muscle tension.