Kiabi’s October turns pink

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Prevention is always trendy
KIABI, aside with its Foundation, renews the appointment with the pinkest days of the year, the October ones, the symbol month of sensibilisations campaigns, preventipn and health education about breast cancer.
The company replicates again its partnership with A.N.D.O.S. onlus (Associazione Nazionale Donne Operate al Seno) to economically support the struggle against a disease that affects 1 woman out of 8
KIABI customers will have the chance to make a free donation to the association at the stores cashouts, while paying for the purchased items.
Pioneer in inclusive fashion, KIABI is evolving its post-surgery collection(prices start from 16 euro) through a process of co-working with the customers who have undergone a mastectomy.
The production of the post-surgery collection keeps going on, and it includes a sporty and a beachwear collection, and which allows women who have undergone an intervention to feel comfortable, feminine and trendy, wearing KIABI items.
The fashion brand at little prices has also entered a partnership with the National French League against Cancer. The brand has multiplied its actions in collaboration with its stores and the departmental committees of the League to achieve the best results.
Fashion coaching with patients, VIP evenings, stand of the League into the selling points, sensibilisation, partecipation to a pink run or walk through the cities.
This year, due to the sanitary situation, the squads are focusing on donations or cash payments through their product sales.
In 2019 there have been realized more than 70 actions in KIABI stores and headquarters and there have been collected almost 500.000 euro.
KIABI teaches how shopping can move to the rhytym of solidarity and authentic humanity which can be an encouragement and hope emblem for all women; their health its precius to all community.
A battle, if fought together and synergetically its always more efficient and also a little ..pinker.

KIABI Foundation realizes numerous project during the year which have in commin a humanitarian and beneficial spirit.
It is mostly about local initiatives, close to families needs and worries in countries where KIABI is present.
The sum of these project taken on an international dimension within which you can breathe the philosophy of KIABI: handling challenges together, act ina pragmatic way to achieve fast but long-lasting results, involving everyone in the action and success of the undertaken project.

Since it was founded in 1976, A.N.D.O.S. onlus – Associazione Nazionale Donne Operate al Seno has always worked into the direction of promoting, initiate and sustain every initiative that favours a full recovery (physical, psychologicl and social) of women who have undergone a breast intervention.
A.N.D.O.S onlus works with volunteers that unify relational empathy and a high qualified skills, always improving thanks to refresher courses and training courses, promoted by the Association and held by university professors.
In the rehabilitation field, the lymphatic drenage techniques of A.N.D.O.S. onlus have made history and the active presence of the volunteers in the hospitals its already considered non only necessary but also an added value to the whole therapy path.
Its been times since
A.N.D.O.S. onlus has an active role in trying to limit the negatives sides of this disease, from the diagnosis to the full recovery process.
A.N.D.O.S. onlus making its own recent international guidelines, commits to raise awareness for women on the importance of early diagnosis, also by promoting membership on Mammographic screening programs and promoting the Brest Unit institution. L’A.N.D.O.S. onlus carries out its function through the coordination of 61 local committees present throughout the national territory.